Fligh Calculator front side

The flight computer IWA-11092 was developed especially for aspiring pilots and is unbeatable in its simplicity and reliability. All calculations for flight preparation and flight control can be done with the scales on the front side. A new scale arrangement allows all correction steps from IAS to CAS, EDS and DAS to TAS to be carried out with a single adjustment to the disk and the cursor. This even connects to the correction of the error caused by the compressibility of air.

Further on the aviation calculator enables reading and calculations for all requirements before and during flight, as for example route and flight time, speeds, climb, descent, course connections and no return point as well as many others. Clear settings are provided to convert all common units.

Flight Navigator back side

The back face is for navigation with the wind triangle methods: Direction and speed vectors of wind and aircraft give a vivid picture of all your manoeuvres and the corresponding position of your aircraft. The wind and ground speeds as well as coupling a number of legs are easily calculated.
Speed ranges on the two chart boards: 20 - 200 and 150 - 750 km/h, mph or knots.

In aviation, absolutely reliable and safe navigation aids are vital. Thus, mechanical calculators and navigation devices have claimed their place next to electronics, because they offer constant availability, without any risk of failure due to depleted energy sources or technical defects.

In pilot training

Right from the beginning of your training, you will work directly with the flight computer IWA-11092 and love it for its simplicity, precision, and ease of use. It will be your constant companion for all theoretical and practical lessons throughout the pilot training. In addition, the Aviation Calculator is approved as an aid in the pilot license exam, according to JAR-FCL. In this way, theory and practice come together and making pilot training more fun.

Order the flight computer directly trough our online shop or ask your flight school for a bulk order.

Flight computer IWA-11092

Delivered in plastic case with english manual.
Size: 140 x 250 mm, with packaging.

€ 133,72 UK VAT included (20%). Additional freight costs will apply.

Flight computer instruction

Aviation Calculator

Here you can find the complete instruction for the aviation calculator IWA-11092.
The introduction starts off by explaining the general use of the calculation scales using straightforward examples and then leads on step by step to the complex arithmetic and geometric flight navigation techniques.
The instruction is available in the following languages:
English, French and German.

For flight schools, the Aviation Calculator is also available in a fully functional demonstration version for the training room. All calculation tasks of air navigation can thus be made on the functional model.
The model is made of robust, high-quality and durable plastic.

Floor model for the training room H: 185 x W: 50 cm
Price: € 685.- incl. stand; plus VAT, packaging and shipping costs.

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